• We have the expertise to assist our clients in purchasing true investment grade diamonds.

  • We have our own diamond polishing shop.

  • We provide ongoing assistance by keeping our clients informed regarding the markets, trends and important developments in the diamond industry.

  • We provide our clients with the necessary know-how and technical data for when they decide to sell their diamonds.

  • We produce our own diamonds and there for we can offer our clients very specific products of the highest quality, at the best prices, and according to their budgets.

  • All our investment graded diamond has one of the following E.G.L, D.I.A, I.D.L. and G.I.A certificates and adhere to the Kimberly Process requirements.

How does it work?

  • The first step of the process would involve consultation with our client to determine his or her expectations, preferences and budget. This could easily and effectively be done by e-mail or on a personal basis.

  • We then go about to identify the current available of stock.

  • When we have identified the appropriate products we then present our client with an inventory list. The inventory list contains all the relevant data and pricing of the selection of diamonds together with one of the following certificates E.G.L, D.I.A, I.D.L. and G.I.A

  • With our assistance, and by studying the laboratory certificates, the client will then be able to make an informed decision on which diamond or diamonds to buy. One of the reasons we use one of the following certificates E.G.L, D.I.A, I.D.L. and G.I.A is because there won’t be any discrepancies between what is stipulated on the certificate and when viewing the diamond in real life. Excellent cut, polish and symmetry for example will be exactly that, no question about it.

  • Our company reserve the selection of diamonds for 5 workings days during which time the client has to decide what diamonds to purchase and make full payment.

  • Once a decision has been reached a final invoice is issued with the cost of the diamond or diamonds and courier service.

  • The diamond/s goes through a final inspection before it is then dispatched to the client by courier service.

Diamond prices are always presented in US/Dollars. To determine the SA Rand price, multiply US$ price with the current SA Rand exchange rate.


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